Benefits of running in the morning to be fit

Also, running is one of the most popular sports and does not require a lot of money. Besides being easy to do, jogging in the morning has a host of benefits. For both health and beauty.

Running in the morning should be done when you wake up. Because the effect will help the body burn more calories throughout the day.

Several studies say that running between 6 and 8 in the morning reduces blood pressure. While running at 7 in the morning will help you sleep better. If you’re worried about getting up late, it’s still a good idea to run at 10 in the morning. As long as the air is clean. At least do it for 12 minutes or more.

It is known that the main objective of running in the morning is to maintain the rhythm of the movement, without causing too much tension. However, the owner of certain health conditions should consult first.

Make this a light exercise routine to reap the maximum benefits of running in the morning. Especially in the age of the current pandemic, in addition to getting the benefits of sunbathing, you can boost your immune system.

Many studies show that running in the morning can improve the quality of sleep. As in the journal Vascular Health and Risk Management, the research team found that running in the morning contributed more to better sleep. Compared to exercising in the afternoon or at night.

Also, according to a 2017 study in Sleep Medicine, morning exercise is very good at improving sleep quality. Especially for people who have insomnia or difficulty sleeping.

  1. Maintain lung health

    Even if you feel tired or out of breath, the benefit of running in the morning is good for maintaining lung health. Morning conditions with high oxygen content and clean air.

    Especially when running, the body will need more oxygen. Increasing the respiratory rate and breathing more oxygen-rich air. This simple thing will make your lungs healthier.

    2. Maintain heart health

    The benefits of running the next morning are to maintain heart health. Conditions that make it work optimally in pumping blood. To meet the nutrient and oxygen needs of the muscles used for running.

    In addition, it is done in the morning, so from the start of the day the heart has been trained to continue working well. Healthier than the untrained.

    3. Maintain muscle health and strength

    Muscles become an important part of the body, which when stimulated to a certain extent and regularly. Then it will be better to improve your skills.
    When the muscles are used to running every morning, they will adapt. So the muscles form a denser mass, store more energy reserves and are stronger than before.